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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

The potential of Computer Science and Engineering needs no special emphasis. India has become a leader in the field of software development and the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In today's modern world, computers are everywhere; home computers connected to the world through the internet, ATM's, air traffic control systems and lots more. A computer engineer learns how to design and build such systems. The primary part of this learning process is understanding how computers work and then programming them to do what we want. As students of computer science engineering, you will learn how to communicate with computers and how computers communicate with each other.

Extensive Laboratory facilities for 19 Laboratory (Practical) subjects including C++, Java, Data Structure, System Software, Operating System, DBMS, RDBMS, Multimedia, Graphics, Case Tools, Networks, Software Engineering, Visuals Basic, Visual C++, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Systems, Communication Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers are available. Two value added courses beyond the syllabus are offered in the department

Vision of the Department.

  • The Department of Computer Science and Engineering encourages students to actively learn, participate and demonstrate the capabilities learnt on fundamental and applied concepts in Computer Science, thereby providing socio-economic impact for global growth and enhanced quality of life for the human kind.

Mission of the Department.

  • Establish closer and symbiotic relationship with IT industries and expose the students to the cutting edge technological advancements.
  • Establish interactions and collaborations with academia of international repute and involve in collaborative projects of higher order research and development.
  • Provide impetus and importance to beyond-curriculum learning and thereby provide an opportunity for the student community to keep them updated with latest and socially relevant technologies


  • Well equipped lab for operating system, DBMS, Computer Networking, Soft Computing and Software Engg. All the labs are connected through LAN.
  • Microprocessor interfacing toolkits, NT/Windows 2007 Server.
  • A full fledged Seminar hall with LCD and Overhead Projector.
  • College has around 10000 latest books and magazines.
  • MOU and expert teaching from BIT Mesra & BIT Sindri.
  • Several paper Presented by CSE Students. A Student’s chapter of computer society of india has been installed for training on vatious languages like JAVA, PHP, ASP, .NET & Databases like ORACLE, MYSQL, MS SQL Server.
  • Students doing project from IBM, HCL, CMRI Well qualified teachers having teaching as well as industrial Experience.

Course Structure and Syllabus

List of Faculty Members in Computer Science & Engineering.

SL No. Name of Faculty QUALIFICATION(s) Bio-Data
01. Mrs. Geeta Sinha(H.O.D.) M.Tech(AMS), M.Tech(CSE) View
02. Mr. Arun Kr. Mishra M. Tech View
03. Mr. Rahul Ranjan M. Tech View
04. Mr. Vijay Kumar Besra M. Tech View
05. Mrs. Archana R. Dhan M. Tech View
06. MR.RABEL GUHAROY M. Tech(Pursuing Ph.D) View
07. MR.SUBODH KUMAR M. Tech View

Computer Science & Engineering: Faculty Members

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