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           Department of Chemistry

    The department of Chemistry was established in the year 2009. The Department plays an active role in the fulfillment of the mission of the UCET. The department contributes to the specific goals of the institution and to the themes that will guide the future development of the UCET by emphasizing teaching, research, and applications of chemical and environmental knowledge.

    Mission & Vision:

    "The Department of Chemistry aspires to achieve regional and global distinction in the provision of first class teaching, research and service, and will remains committed to educate and train students to the highest standards to become Engineers who are competent at all levels of professional development. The department will provide an environment that creates and maintains enthusiasm for Engineering Chemistry & Environmental Science and high quality instruction, and will endeavour to harness the talent, abilities and potential of all entrants into B. Tech programmes and will seek to empower them to think critically, intelligently and independently. Through exceptional service to our students and faculties, the department aims to contribute to the development of the wider community, the state, the nation and the world at large".


    • The department is committed to research and scholarly activities as essential and integral parts of the educational process.  Faculty-student interactions provide meaningful teaching and research experiences for B. Tech students in both basic and applied research.
    • The department is committed to public service through applications of chemical and environmental knowledge to the solution of societal problems, through contributions to economic development of the broader community, and through cooperative programs with academic units within UCET and other institutions of higher education.
    • Service is another important function of the Department of Chemistry. The faculty and staff are bound by mutual respect and devotion to chemistry, and will provide the benefit of their expertise to serve the People of Hazaribag, Jharkhand, the Region, and the Nation.


    The Chemistry Lab possesses excellent facilities and sophisticated equipments for the following engineering chemistry experiments designed as per the curriculum of B. Tech Course:
  • 1. Volumetric Analysis
  • 2. Water Analysis
  • 3. Coal Analysis
  • 4. Ores & Alloy Analysis
  • 5. Fuels & Lubricant Analysis
  • 6. Environmental Chemistry Experiments
  • 7. Polymer Preparations

List of Faculty Members in Chemistry Department

SL No. Name of Faculty QUALIFICATION(s) Bio-Data
01. Miss Sangeeta Vishwakarma Ph.D., M. Phil View
02. Dr. Rajesh Ranjan Pandey Ph.D., NET, M.Sc. (Gold Medal) View

Department of Chemistry: Faculty Members

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