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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

The department of Electronics and Communications Engineering was established in 2009. The program of the department is undergraduate course in Electronics and Communications Engineering. The department has laboratories equipped with latest software and hardware. Students of the department are working on projects based on recent development in Engineering and Technology. The department has adaptive teaching learning process.

Along with inviting industries participation in curriculum delivery, mentoring, summer internships and industrial visits the department provides the best a student should receive.

The department provided a departmental library with latest, books, magazines & journals.


1. Basic Electronic Engineering Laboratory: -

This laboratory supports different experiments on diodes, transistors, FETS, amplifiers, OPAMPS etc. which enhances the fundamental ideas about Basic components and circuits of Electronics.

2. Analog Communication Laboratory:-

This well equipped laboratory consisting of CRO, SMPS and various experimental blocks help in study of AM, FM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PAM, PWM, TDM, FDM etc.

3. Analog Electronics Laboratory: -

This laboratory is specially designed to enhance the capability of student for designing basic analog. Like oscillators multivibrators, amplifiers,  etc.

4. Digital Electronics Lab:-

Well equipped with discrete components and IC’s , commonly used in industries.

5. Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab:-

In this laboratory students get their first exposure on the programming of basic    microprocessor like Intel 8085, 8086. Also applications like interfacing many peripheral elements like display, motor etc.   can be done via various up tool bits.

6. DSP Lab: -

MATLAB Software readily available in all computers.

7. Antenna Lab:-

In this lab, manual and motorized antenna kits are available to observe radiation pattern and other antenna parameters of different types of antennas.

8. Telecom switching Lab:-

ISDN trainer kit is available to understand working principle of integrated network and network protocols.

9. Network Lab: -

Two port network parameters such as z-parameter, y-parameter etc. are verified with help of trainer kit.

Course Structure and Syllabus

List of Faculty Members in Electronics & Communication Engg.

SL No. Name of Faculty QUALIFICATION(s) Bio-Data
01. Mr. Ranjeet Kumar (H.O.D.) M.Tech View
02. Mr. Suvir Kumar M. Tech View
03. Mr. Nawal Kishore M. Tech View
04. MR TAPSIN VERMA M. Tech View
05. Mr. Brajesh Kr. Gupta M. Tech View
06. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh M. Tech View

Electronics & Communication Engg. : Faculty Members

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