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           Department of Physics

The department of physics started in 2009 and initially run graduate course in physics for the B. Tech level. The department has well equipped facilities shush as ultrasonic interferometer, Electron effect and faradays effect etc.


    The department of physics has facilities like physics laboratory for under graduate level the basics experiment and available in this laboratory are given below :-
  • 1. Ultrasonic Interferometer
  • 2. Newton's Ring
  • 3. Spectrometer
  • 4. Bar pendulum with from  to be fixed an the wall
  • 5. The electro-optic effect
  • 6. The faradays effect for magnet-optic  repulsion Using +ve  -Ne loss
  • 7. P.N Junction characteristics apparatus
  • 8. Common Emitter for PNP  transistor

List of Faculty Members in Physics Department

SL No. Name of Faculty QUALIFICATION(s) Bio-Data
01. Dr. Dayanand Ph.D. View
02. Mr. Nishant Praveer M.Tech View

Department of Physics : Faculty Members

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