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Teflon®-lined hose has a temperature range of -75 to 400 F. Standard length is 12 feet and it is available in diameters from 3/16 to 1 1/8". This hose is available in a stainless steel overbraid and features excellent chemical resistance and flow characteristics.

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The 240 Series (R160-XX for aerospace appliions) is a lightweight high pressure 3000 PSI (207 Bar) aerospace hose qualified to AS1339. The hose consists of an extruded smoothbore PTFE innercore, reinforced with CRES 304 wire braid in a single layer on sizes -04 through -10, or a double layer on sizes …

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Nylaflow tubing is tough and durable, offering low friction and high flexibility for long-lasting results. It offers superior burst strength compared to vinyl, ethylene, and urethane tubing. Nylon has excellent chemical resistance and can withstand exposure to relatively high concentrations of harsh chemicals at elevated temperatures.

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Average Temperature Range Chart For Gasket Materials The chart below will help you to determine which material has the best possible chance of sustaining your temperature range within your environment. Please also consider the chemicals and pressure that the material will be subject to when in use, as this is of equal importance to choosing the material for a reliable seal.

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Resistance to oil swell and deterioration is also excellent at high temperatures. Low-temperature flexibility is not good, and these rubbers decompose in alkaline solutions and are swelled by acids.

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Hydraulic hose is specifically designed to convey hydraulic fluid within a hydraulic system. With wide pressure ranges, optimal levels of abrasion resistance, long-lasting durability and high-performance transfer capabilities, PDI has the right hose for your appliion.

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more flexible. It is used when high temperatures are coined with aggressive and critical workplace environments. Among its advantages are non-ageing characteristics, chemical inertness, exceptional dielectric properties, heat resistance, toughness

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PTFE hoses maintain high strength, toughness and self-lubriion at low temperatures down to 5 K (−268.15 C; −450.67 F), and good flexibility at temperatures above 194 K (−79 C; −110 F) PTFE Hose Pipes with Flange Fittings – Round Flange, Square Flange, Custom Flanges

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It has excellent flame, weather, ozone and electrical properties, resistant up to very high temperatures and flexible to very low temperatures. It has Poor tensile and abrasion resistance compared to other elastomers. Fluid resistance is generally poor. Cost can be

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Teflon refers to three fluoropolymer plastic resins: PTFE, FEP, and PFA. These three plastics share common properties such as lubricity, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and more. There are slight mechanical differences that make each tube uniquely suited for different appliions.

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PTFE Teflon Hose 7*8 mm Long 100m / Custom Other Products PTFE Tube PTFE Lined PTFE Hose PTFE Rod PTFE Sheet Description Reviews (0) PTFE tubing''s high viscosity in the gel state (it does not truly melt) prevents it from being processed

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Since 1996, Megaflex have been suppliers of high quality industrial hose, flexible tubes and ductings. With a range of over 12000 hose and ductings, and 50000 fittings, we''ve got your business needs covered. Our range includes PU Ducting, PTFE Tube, Nylon

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Hose screw connections: A nuer of our hose screw connection products is made of impact-resistant, UV-stabilised engineering plastic and has high weather resistance. These products also have good chemical resistance to petrol, diesel oil, heating oil and

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Rubber at a glance: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM): Very flexible and similar to silicone, but with a lower temperature range. Nitrile: While noted for its excellent resistance to oil, it’s resistance to DOT 3 brake fluids is less than satisfactory. Silicone: In addition to providing the ideal material for masking caps and plugs, silicone’s chemical inertness makes it well suited

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DOT brake hose, hydraulic flexible brake hose, SAE J1401 brake hose, FMVSS 106 brake hose, ISO3996 brake hose, JIS D2601-2006 brake hose, FR31302-1973 brake hose, NTC 977 brake hose, TL-VW 82152 brake hose, MS-EA70 brake hose, ESA-M96D4

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Flexible Ducting Appliions include general purpose ventilation and fume collection, FDA approved, anti-static, high or low temperature, chemical resistant and high abrasion. Materials of construction vary from traditional polyester fabric to thermoplastic to rubber compounds to Teflon with helixes available in …

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Tefzel ® is weather resistant, inert to most solvents and chemicals, and is hydrolytically stable. It has substantially better resistance to radiation than Teflon ® but is not immune to damage by long-term exposure to gamma radiation, especially at elevated

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BB1 is a corrugated bronze hose with a single bronze braid. It has a high pressure capacity at high temperatures. It is resistant to bursting, cracking, and crushing, while being quite flexible. 1/4" to 3" diameters. -50F to 450F. BB1 BRAIDED

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wires in the bore of the hose is therefore eliminated. Please contact our Sales Department for advice on when to specify anti-static hose. BS2050:1978 (items 4, 5, 6 and 7 as appropriate) calls for a maximum resistance of 106 ohms/metre hose length on the

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Oil-, weather-, and abrasion-resistant cover High flexibility, even in extremely cold temperatures Full vacuum for all sizes Compounded design Allows for resistance to temperatures as low as …

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Vitube(R) Viton(R) tubing - excellent resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants, and most mineral acids - retains its good mechanical and chemical resistance properties at extremely high temperatures Flexible Tubing of Viton Made of 100% pure Viton, a high


high resistance to corrosion and are easily drawn PIPING or bent. Pipe or tubing made from these materials is unsuitable for systems with high temperatures,

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Visit our high heat tape section in our brand new website. ADL INSULFLEX, INC. 94 Willmott Street, Cobourg, ON K9A 0E9 International: +1 (905) 377 1488 Toll Free North America: (800) 461 9323 Navigation Home About Products Firesleeves Flexgard Hose

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Low Temperature PVC Hose Our High Quality Flexible PVC Compounds are Uniquely Blended to Make this Hose Look and Feel Like Comparable Rubber Hose and Stay Flexible at Low Temperatures. Its Light Weight Makes it an Ideal Hose for Air Tool Appliions.

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thermoplastics, the high melt strength and thermal stability of Teflon PFA 340 can be used to improve processing rates. Compared with other fluoroplastics, creep resistance at high service temperatures provides a superior balance and level of end-use