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Drip irrigation calculator determines the water appliion rate using emitter flow, spacing and line distance. Drip Line Rate Use this form to calculate the water appliion rate of drip irrigation lines (tape, tubing) given the flow rate from individual emitters, the spacing of the emitters along the drip line, and the spacing between the drip lines.

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Artists with Water TM Products search Your order $0 Wishlist Checkout 1300 984 536 Australia’s leading online irrigation parts supplier to professionals and or garden during the coolest part of the day (early morning is best). Do not water on windy days. Water trees and shrubs, which have

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Lay Flat Hoses for All Agricultural Irrigation & Dewatering Systems IrrigationBox proudly presents the highest quality and unique lay flat hose products at great prices. Our market leader hose manufacturers, Austalian Crusader and Norvegian Mandals, provide comprehensive range of specialized hoses; each specifically designed to suit each appliion.

Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) - 4.716 - Extension

Subsurface irrigation saves water and improves yields by eliminating surface water evaporation and reducing the incidence of weeds and disease. A subsurface drip system may require higher initial investment than a gated pipe/furrow system and cost will vary due to water source, water quality, filtration needs, choice of material, soil characteristics and degree of automation desired.

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The amount of water used to produce a bushel of corn or soybeans will surprise most people, even experienced agronomists who may not have worked through the data. Corn will typically have 10-20 inches of water applied during the growing season, depending on the weather and, of course, the amount of effective rainfall.